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Why CAD Standards?

When working as a project team, communication is key. In the CAD world, our deliverable is how we communicate the what, where, and how. The quality and the profitability of our projects are determined by the accuracy of that communication. CAD Standards ensure we are all speaking the same language.

But how to ensure compliance with your standards? With Standards Manager, implementation is achieved with automation. We make it easier for each member of the team to do the right thing than to do their own thing. And our comprehensive auditing and reporting tools ensure 100% compliance.

ROI you can expect from Standards Manager:

Standards Manager


With today's changing workforce, effective collaboration is paramount. Standards Manager will streamline workflow and create digital files that are easier to share.

Now you can better balance workload between offices or supplement your workforce with outsourcing. Effective collaboration maximizes your team resources, maximizes efficiency, increases production volume and lowers costs.


Create better looking plans that are easy to read and understand. Seeing the design clearly facilitates a better design with fewer revisions. A better design saves your client money.


Improve efficiency in the production process. Accelerate drawing production and increase volume of output. Decrease training requirements and QA/QC investment.


Clarity in the plans allows you to find errors sooner. Reduce your liability and limit post delivery revisions.


Create a better product. A better design. Better, faster, and cheaper. Your clients will see the difference.